Montag, 23. Januar 2017

Abschied von Lois & Neil

 Time had come to say good bye! At our last evening in Benalla, Neil and Lois invited the whole German Team again for a farewell party. After everyone was gone home, they gave us (some gifts, amongst these) a chopping board (Schneidebrett) made of red gum tree. Anne looked at me and I felt that our departure from 30 Thomas Street will get hard. We had become such good friends, I could have never imagined when I first came to Benalla 4 weeks ago.

From the beginning on, we have been part of their family, as Neil used to say „our house is your house“. We really appreciate this friendship and loved their constant participation at the world championships which made it a really special time we wouldn't want to miss.

At our last breakfast together, we talked about the possibility that they could make a journey to Germany (what we still highly recommend).
When we left Benalla, we had teary eyes, but we both hope to see Lois and Neil any time in our country.


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