Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017


On special request of Neil I try to offer the information of the day in English:
The day began cloudy. It was announced that the clouds will disappear in the afternoon. Therefore we had to put the gliders into the grid, we got A- and B –tasks. Nevertheless the clouds did not disappear in time which was the reason for cancelling the 18m-class and the open class at 13:20. Afterwards, one glider of the 15m class was launched as a sniffer to check the thermals, but they finally had to come to the conclusion that there was no chance for a competition day and the 15m-class was also cancelled.

The good part of the day: Neils oldest daughter came over with her kids and although they couldn’t see the gliders getting up in the air (so far), they could jump in the cockpit and I could explain a few things about gliding and the competition. They were coming over since their cousins have been here two days ago and really liked to see all the gliders getting up in the air! So here are some pictures of some future glider pilots?! ;)

And specials thanks to Lois for taking care of the German team!

Look at the colour of the bändels

And here another story of our "friend and helper": 
Two days ago our Team-Captain Walter was called by radio to show up at the competition car where the team captains receive the new tasks for the pilots.
His answer was: „Sorry, I have a problem“ .... “I will send the pilot and he is going to sign for me.“
The response from the organisation: “Oh Ok, that’s alright! Do you need assistance?“ – „No, thank you!“
Only later we got to know what this problem was. As Walter was used to fly his gliders at full speed, staying on the ground he just gets to push his car to the (allowed?!) limit. As he passed a roundabout (nearly two wheels in the air) he was stopped by the police. Luckily, since he is the team captain and the above mentioned radio-calls (with his schwäbisch accent) most likely were impressing the police officers, he got away with only being warned to not drive that fast!

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